The AVIO/SEPA Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for ship automation


  The system is used in Navy and Merchant Applications. It is available on VME or PCI Platforms.
  A few examples of the use of the editors and runtime execution are presented.  
    The configuration editor to defines the module architecture and their interconnection    
    The editor to draw the pages mimic the state of the ship.
In particular this page is the Control and Monitoring of Auxiliary Propulsion System
    The editor to specify dynamical filters o functional blocks for continuous (sampled data) signals.    
    The editor to specify finite state machine for the interaction of discrete event (logical) signals.    
    MAIN PROPULSION ENGINE OVERVIEW, It shows the status of MPE    
    ELECTRIC SYSTEM OVERVIEW. It shows the status of Electric generation Plant    
    FIREMAN & AFFF SYSTEM. Devoted to monitoring of Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System    

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