Exoskeleton Project

The ESOPO project


A lower limb exoskeleton for postural equilibrium enhancement and patient compliance



  A lower limb exoskeleton for postural equilibrium enhancement and patient compliance, is a project in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino and supported by the Italian National Ministry of Innovation and University, aimed at developing a new generation of intelligent step machines for training to recover equilibrium.

Scientific details:
Exoskeleton Poster

Patent on postural equilibrium and compliance

Exoskeleton Patent

Patent on controlling a robotic device during walking

Walking Patent


  Three kinds of exercises are possible with this device:

1. Sit to stand
with joint knees, motion only in the sagittal plane, as sitting and raising up from a chair; 3 independent controlled joints for each leg, each with one degree of freedom (hip, knee, and ankle), feet fixed on the ground. Leaning forward during a sit to stand exercise.

2. Balancing the weight
motion on the frontal plane, 1 degree of freedom with control on the hip joints for transferring the weight from one foot to the other.

3. Step machine
classical step machine, with transfer of weight from one foot to the other, balance on the supporting foot and raising of the swing foot. Joints with two degrees of freedom at the ankle and hip with the control of 5 joints.


Related Projects

  Related to ESOPO some projects of simulation and control have been developed:

1. Control of human-like walk

the video of turning during walking
2. Case studies on underactuated controls of kinematic chains

Control of equilibrium of amputees wearing a Cheetah prosthesis during a sit-to-stand excercise

Control of equilibrium on a rolling board compensating an horizontal push

Control of equilibrium on a rotating log compensating an horizontal push


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