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  The company was created in 1978 as spin off of the research activity of its founders in the field of controls and automation developed in the academic world.
It designs software architectures, builds prototypes and simulators, implements development environments and software tools to enable automation in the factory and in the services.
During these years the company has co-operated with many major Italian and a number of significant foreign industries involved in Robotics and Automation.
  In the course of its activity, starting from the middle of the 80’s, SYCO has pioneered the use of Object Oriented Design and Programming in the field of automation. This is now a point of excellence for the company, with several widely recognised tools, libraries and implementations.



  We would mention: COMAU robot controls and shop controls for FMS.  
  A graphical development environment to configure the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) of AVIO/SEPA, a realtime master-master architecture for ship automation.
It is composed of:
A configuration editor to define the architecture of the system in term of modules, and measurement or control channels;
An editor to design the graphical Human Machine Interface (HMI) in term of pages to show to the operator the ship status including menu to navigate the pages and dialogs for the control of ship machinaries;
Editors to specify the functional aspect of the modules and their hierarchy.
Finite state machine for the specification of the interaction of discrete event (logical) signals.
Block diagrams to specify dynamical filters o functional blocks for continuous (sampled data) signals.
The same tools are used for generation of the real time control logics, modeling and simulation for debugging and training.
Picture to code generation of C/C++ code to compile and link to the application or pseudo code interpreted by the application.
The development environment is available under Windows and Unix like OS on both VME and PCI Platform.
    One of the major users of our technology: CSELT, now Telecom Italia Lab, with Telecommunications and Telephone design and integration systems.  
  After more than 20 years of research and development, SYCO owns one of the most complete environments for OO software development, G++, with copyrights since 1990.    
    More recently SYCO has been asked to transfer its expertise in automation to the field of transport and services. This has triggered the new idea of a “Global Automation”, i.e. closing the loop between strictly industrial processes and more general territorial activities, resulting in the conception of a virtual multimedia SCADA (supervisory, control and data acquisition system) based on Internet, covering world-wide distributed real-time automation applications.  
  a Business Application Framework and an Object Oriented interface to relational database management systems, with supporting development tools, enabling J2EE emerging technologies.
This Framework represents the extension of automation tools for enterprise system develops
    VoiceXML interpreter and debugger for innovative voice based interaction with the user and for control.

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